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PAINTED studio

Tile kit

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Fun project for adults and kids 12 & over. These gorgeous tiles are strong, durable and food safe. Use them for cheese, charcuterie, candles, or any other display. 

Kit includes: 1 oz Faux Effect Prime Etch, 2 oz Faux Effects SetCoat, 2 oz ArtsyFoil Adhesive,  1.5 ounces each of part A&B of Art Resin Epoxy, 1.5 square feet of 2 different foils, 1 stencil, 1 tile 12”x12” or 18”x 6” tile, glitter, instructions

All paints and glues, with the exception of Art Resin Epoxy, are soap and water wash up, and are non-toxic. Paints and adhesives DO NOT WASH OUT OF FABRIC ONCE DRY. Art Resin clean up on hands and surfaces is accomplished with rubbing alcohol.