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Faux Effects

Layering Paint (formerly Old World Finishing Paint) Quarts

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• Chalky style paint that easily sands to a silky smooth finish
• Soft & Matte
• Simple to use
• Eco Friendly, soap & water clean up
• May be applied as a pre-stain wood sealer
• Sands to a glass smooth surface when used as a primer
• Can be stained and waxed
• Perfect for wood cabinet and furniture refinishing
• Coverage varies according to use 200-400 sf per gallon
• VOC Compliant

Faux Effects wonderful chalk-style mineral paint is a dream to work with. Can be thinned as much as desired with water to create washes or applied generously in layers for easy wet and dry distressing. Create expensive looking creative finishes with ease and speed. A wide variety of colors available as well as tint base for custom tinting.

This product is interior rated only